TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 503: ‘Four Walls and A Roof’

Walking Dead 503 Pic

Gareth is doing a lot of talking to Bob. The rantings and ravings of a mad man I suppose. He tells Bob that he saw Daryl and Carol drive away. He threaten to go after Sasha next, saying that girls taste better than guys.

He gets mad when Bob won’t react to him, yelling about how he’s being a human being by talking to Bob. Bob is crying, and then starts laughing hysterically. Bob shows them the bite on his shoulder, shouting “I’ve been bitten you stupid pricks – I’m tainted meat!”

Sasha confronts Gabriel, now that Bob, Daryl and Carol are missing. Gabriel swears that he doesn’t have anything to do with this. Sasha wants to know who is out there, and where their people are.

Rick accuses Gabriel of working with someone else. He asks him about the note carved into the church siding (You’ll burn for this). Gabriel’s story is that he always locked the church doors at night. When everything went down, and his congregation came for refuge, the doors were still locked.

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TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 502: ‘Strangers’

Walking Dead 502 Pic

This week’s episode, while it did have a few important plot developments, seemed to be a whole lot of nothing. I could probably recap the whole episode in 3 sentences, but what’s the fun in that?

While walking, and walking … and walking, the group hears a man crying for help. Carl whines at Rick that they need to go help. They find a clergyman of some sort trapped on top of a rock being harassed by walkers. They kill the walkers, saving the man.

His name is Gabriel, and he hasn’t killed anyone, human or walker. He has a church, which is where he has survived since it all began, mostly on canned food from a food drive that happened just before it all went down. Rick doesn’t trust Gabriel, and I don’t either. Something’s afoot.

Abraham finds a bus they can fix to continue their journey to Washington. For now, everyone else goes into the church. Gabriel tells Rick about one place he hasn’t scavenged yet, due to a dozen or so walkers. Rick takes Gabriel, Michonne, Bob, and Sasha with him. Before he goes, he warns Carl he is never safe no matter what, and to never let his guard down.

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TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 501: ‘No Sanctuary’

Walking Dead 501 Pic

Rick and the others are fashioning weapons out of their clothes and small personal belongings. They plan to ambush whoever comes in to get them. But the Terminans (not my term, that’s what the episode description called them) outsmart them by dropping a flash grenade from the top of the container.

Rick awakens in a giant room alongside Bob, Daryl, Glenn, and four unknown men. It quickly becomes clear that the Terminans are cannibals, and Rick and the others are about to become dinner. The four “nobodies” are quickly disposed of via a baseball bat to the back of the head and a quick throat slit.

Glenn is almost killed twice, but a surprise attack on Terminus halts the plans. The leader goes outside to see what is going on, and leaves the muscle men with Rick and the others.

Those that have not been taken to the meat market are still working on weapons and getting antsy. Maggie and Carl assure everyone that Rick and the others will be back, and they need to be ready. Sasha wants to know what cure Eugene has. Eugene explains that he used to work for the Human Genome Project, and he may have a way to turn deadly viruses into a cure.

Meanwhile, Carol and Tyreese (and Judith) are still on the hunt for Terminus. Carol tells Tyreese that once they find Terminus, she won’t be staying. In trying to avoid a pack of zombies, Carol and Tyreese stumble across a man working the perimeter of the settlement. They tie him up, and Carol goes to check out Terminus.

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TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 411: ‘Claimed’

Walking Dead 411 Pic

Carl is eating cereal as Michonne jokes with him.  She is wearing normal people clothes, and is acting like a normal person, not the emotionless zombie she’s been all along.  They talk and joke about soy milk, and for a minute they seem actually happy.  Not a good emotion for Carl, but none really seem to be.  Carl says he’d rather drink Judith’s formula than soy milk, and the realization that she is gone sends him back into a funk.

Rick thanks Michonne for making Carl laugh, and tells her she is the friend to him that he cannot be, since he is too busy being his father.  Michonne offers to take Carl looking for supplies so Rick can rest up.  Rick objects, but Michonne promises him it’s only one day of rest.

As they go from house to house, Michonne is trying to get Carl to laugh again, but she’s basically acting like an idiot.  Carl tells her he was laughing on the inside.  She tells Carl about her son, and says she could make him laugh all the time.  Carl seems shocked that Michonne was ever an actual person.  Can’t say I don’t agree.  He asked all kinds of questions, which Michonne promises to answer one at a time as they clear each room.

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TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 410: ‘Inmates’

Walking Dead 410 Pic

This week’s episode almost plays in Pulp Fiction style (or as I am more familiar with, the Simpsons episode titled ’22 Short Films About Springfield’).  We see what has happened to everyone other than Rick, Carl, and Michonne (since we found out their fates last week).  One group will walk by a spot and notice something, and then we’ll see a different group having gone that way earlier, causing what we’ve already seen.

It’s difficult to describe without specific details, so hopefully my review will unmuddy the waters for those who I’ve totally confused above.  It starts with Beth and Daryl running through the woods.  Beth is narrating the scene with passages from a diary she started at some point.

Beth and Daryl are resting, but Beth is intent on doing something.  She wants Daryl to track, because he’s a tracker.  Daryl is just sitting there saying nothing.  Beth goes off on her own, and Daryl begrudgingly follows her.  She is convinced everyone is ok, and Daryl is not so bright eyed.

Beth finds some footprints, which she takes as a sign that “they” are alive.  Daryl only confirms that they were alive four or five hours ago.  Daryl sees some trampled grapes, and determines that the people that were there got scared and took off in a hurry.  They find an open area with a bunch of dead walkers.  Beth takes this as a sign that the people survived, but Daryl points out blood on a bush that is not from a walker.

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