TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 502: ‘Strangers’

TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 502: ‘Strangers’

Walking Dead 502 Pic

This week’s episode, while it did have a few important plot developments, seemed to be a whole lot of nothing. I could probably recap the whole episode in 3 sentences, but what’s the fun in that?

While walking, and walking … and walking, the group hears a man crying for help. Carl whines at Rick that they need to go help. They find a clergyman of some sort trapped on top of a rock being harassed by walkers. They kill the walkers, saving the man.

His name is Gabriel, and he hasn’t killed anyone, human or walker. He has a church, which is where he has survived since it all began, mostly on canned food from a food drive that happened just before it all went down. Rick doesn’t trust Gabriel, and I don’t either. Something’s afoot.

Abraham finds a bus they can fix to continue their journey to Washington. For now, everyone else goes into the church. Gabriel tells Rick about one place he hasn’t scavenged yet, due to a dozen or so walkers. Rick takes Gabriel, Michonne, Bob, and Sasha with him. Before he goes, he warns Carl he is never safe no matter what, and to never let his guard down.

Rick’s team ends up at a food bank, where a group of walkers have fallen into the flooded basement. Of course, that is where all the food is. They go down into the basement, using shelves of food as a shield. Gabriel gets separated from the rest, and is almost taken out by a female walker he Gabriel seems to know (we later see him looking at a photo of him and the woman in her human form). They save Gabriel, but almost lose Bob in the process.

When they arrive back at the church (with a lot of food and supplies), Carl shows Rick knife marks on the building, as well as a message from someone carved into the wood – “You’ll burn for this.” Looks like Gabriel has something to hide after all. My guess would be that he locked himself in the church and didn’t let anyone else in with him, “when it all went down”.

After a hearty and jovial canned food meal, Abraham gives a nice speech about how everyone there is a survivor. But, if they go to Washington, they can save the world. For once, everyone is in agreement, and they all want to go to Washington.

Sasha wants to hold Judith, and Bob asks her for one more kiss before she goes. He doesn’t look right. Maybe he got bit by that walker at the food bank and didn’t tell anyone. Rick goes to Gabriel and tells him that he knows Gabriel has done something wrong. He also warns him that if his actions somehow come back to hurt Rick’s team, he’ll kill him.

Carol appears to be trying to take off by herself in a car her and Daryl found, but Daryl shows up before she can. I car speeds by on the road, and Daryl tells Carol that they have Beth. They jump in the car and take off after them.

Bob is outside, crying against a tree, still for unknown reasons. I was waiting for him to shoot himself in the head when he is attacked from behind by a hooded figure. He wakes up tied to a post, with Gareth standing over him.

Gareth explains to Bob that they aren’t doing this to him because of what happened at Terminus, they would do this to anyone. They don’t want to do it, but they have to. They are hunters now that they have no home. Bob looks down to see one of his legs missing, the others eating, and his detached foot over the fire. So if Bob was infected, now all of the survivors of Terminus will be too. And also, I guess Rick was right when he said none of this was over until they were all dead.