TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 503: ‘Four Walls and A Roof’

TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 503: ‘Four Walls and A Roof’

Walking Dead 503 Pic

Gareth is doing a lot of talking to Bob. The rantings and ravings of a mad man I suppose. He tells Bob that he saw Daryl and Carol drive away. He threaten to go after Sasha next, saying that girls taste better than guys.

He gets mad when Bob won’t react to him, yelling about how he’s being a human being by talking to Bob. Bob is crying, and then starts laughing hysterically. Bob shows them the bite on his shoulder, shouting “I’ve been bitten you stupid pricks – I’m tainted meat!”

Sasha confronts Gabriel, now that Bob, Daryl and Carol are missing. Gabriel swears that he doesn’t have anything to do with this. Sasha wants to know who is out there, and where their people are.

Rick accuses Gabriel of working with someone else. He asks him about the note carved into the church siding (You’ll burn for this). Gabriel’s story is that he always locked the church doors at night. When everything went down, and his congregation came for refuge, the doors were still locked.

Gareth’s crew returned Bob to the grass outside the church. Bob tells them all about Gareth’s cannibalistic crew, and that he said that Daryl and Carol left. Bob shows them his bite, saying it happened at the food bank. Gabriel gives them the sofa in his office for Bob. Based on Bob’s description, Gabriel figures Gareth’s crew is holed up at the elementary school south of the church.

Abraham wants to leave right now (middle of the night), but Rick wants to wait for Daryl and Carol to come back. Rick and Abraham are arguing about who gets the bus and when to leave. Glenn promises that if Abraham waits one day, he and Maggie and Tara will go with them. In the end, Abraham agrees to wait 12 hours, until high noon the next day.

Sasha wants to know why Bob didn’t tell her about getting bit. He says that he knew once he told her it would be about the end, and he really likes the middle.

Rick declares that they are in control because they know where Gareth’s crew is. Sasha wants to go with them, and Tyreese tries to talk her out of it. He says that she is going to be the only thing Bob will want to see when he wakes up, and that she can’t throw away the time she has left with him. Sasha shows Tyreese how to kill Bob’s brain if he dies.

Rick, Glenn, Maggie, Abraham, Michonne, and Sasha head out to find Gareth’s camp. A few seconds later, Gareth’s group comes out of hiding. They approach the church, where they know that only Gabriel, Carl, Judith, Tyreese, Bob, Eugene, and Rosita remain.

Gareth carries on and on trying to get them to come out, they are extremely outnumbered and outmanned. All of a sudden shots ring out; two of Gareth’s men are dead, and his hand has been partially blown off.

Rick and the others emerge from the shadows, showing that they had tricked Gareth. They line up Gareth and his remaining team and make them get down on their knees. Gareth tries to get Rick to agree to let them go, saying they could have killed them already by now. Rick says they didn’t want to waste the bullets, and he, Sasha, and Abraham proceed to beat Gareth and his crew to death.

Michonne gets her knife back from one of them, and Gabriel is appalled that this has happened in the Lord’s house. Maggie says that it’s just four walls and a roof.

Bob wants to talk to Rick. He thanks him for taking him in when no one else would. He believes that nightmares end, they shouldn’t end who you are. He tells Rick to look at Judith and try and tell him the world isn’t going to change.

Sasha is with Bob now. He wakes up from a dream where Sasha was smiling at him. Sasha asks Bob what the good is that will come out of this bad. Bob doesn’t answer. He’s dead. Tyreese comes in and takes the knife from Sasha and asks her to leave the room. He kills Bob’s brain.

Sasha is decorating a cross on Bob’s grave. Abraham tells Rick that he wants his group there in Washington when everything is better. Glenn, Maggie, and Tara are going with Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita in the bus to Washington. Abraham gives Rick a map to Washington, and has included a note apologizing for being a jerk, and saying that the new world is going to need Rick Grimes.

Michonne is talking to Gabriel when she hears something in the woods. Daryl emerges from the woods. Michonne asks him where Carol is. Daryl tells someone to come on out.