Kickstarter Watch: ‘Perfect Dark’

Perfect Darkk IGG

Back in the N64 days, Perfect Dark was the shooter that was second only to Goldeneye and that’s probably because it was from the same developers but was a brand new IP that didn’t have the cache that something like the James Bond brand brought to the table. A generation later when the XBox 360 launched with Perfect Dark Zero alongside it and helped hold fans over until Halo made its leap to the generation.

Later in 2010, five years after Perfect Dark Zero was released, there was an XBox Live version of the original Perfect Dark. What other reason could there be for the rerelease of a classic title if not to promote a new one? And then in August of 2013, Rare said they had new ideas for a Perfect Dark game that involved the Kinect (keep in mind this was before the lackluster reception of the Kinect on the XBox One). Since then… nothing.

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Monday Freeview: Sort Of . . . Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus

Monday Freeview Games with Gold PlayStation Plus

So on the Monday Freeview, we have brought you some examples of free shows or games you’ve been able to get a hold of. Up until this point though we have ignored two very important “free” options in the gaming world. These are the downloadable gaming libraries available to those subscribed to the XBox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus services.

While these services are technically not free, the inclusion of downloadable titles has been added to them as an added value while both primarily serve as a way for gamers to play online for the XBox 360, XBox One and PlayStation 4.

First, let’s take a look at the PlayStation Plus service. Originally a waning service as it wasn’t required for online play, the Instant Game Collection was one of the features that had not been fully exploited. It wasn’t until about two years after the service launched in June of 2010 that they began offering full PlayStation 3 titles to the roster as opposed to mainly retro games or PSN titles.

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McDonald’s and Microsoft Giveaway XBox Ones, Fox Shows and XBLA Games

One Hot Holiday

If you’ve been to McDonald’s recently you may have seen their latest pull tab giveaway is focusing on XBox. While Taco Bell is backing the PlayStation 4, Mickey D’s is going gung ho with Microsoft to push the XBox One, XBox Music, XBox Video and the XBox Live Arcade. Unlike previous giveaways like Monopoly where McDonald’s food items were up for grabs, everything that can be won from this promotion is XBox related. You’ll find the full breakdown of prizes below including the top prizes, XBox Ones with a copy of Forza Motorsport 5.

The one thing that stood out though were the XBox Live Arcade titles. All of them are on the 360. Now I understand the idea is to give people something they are more likely to be able to use like XBox Music, Video or Gold since they can be applied to either the XBox One or 360, but it seemed strange to not give games for the previous gen system and none for the XBox One. It’s true not every game could be redeemed for XBox One yet, especially since these seem to have limited codes, but it feels a little like the early adopters are getting ignored for their fervor to get the system early yet again.

That said, I was able to win the only game from Twisted Pixel Games that I didn’t already own, The Maw. It is currently downloading on my XBox 360 as the XBox One cools down from another busy weekend.

Take a look below at the full list of prizes and chick out One Hot Holiday for more details.

  • XBox One & Forza Motorsport 5
  • XBox Music Pass & XBox Live Gold 1 Month Membership
  • XBox Live Gold 1 Month Membership
  • The Maw for XBox 360
  • Ms. Splosion Man for XBox 360
  • Aqua for XBox 360
  • The Wolverine Digital HD movie download
  • Episode of a Fox Series: Enlisted, Bones, Raising Hope

Guilty Pleasure: ‘Rage Quit’

Rage Quit Cover Image

No need to sugarcoat it. Every one of us has our guilty pleasures. For some its watching a cartoon that was never really that good. For others it is dumping tons of cash on a new collectible.

And for some of us, it is watching and enjoying something we know we shouldn’t. Rage Quit, which is available on the Rooster Teeth YouTube channel, is one such example. In essence, there is nothing I should like about watching episodes of Rage Quit. High pitched screaming and hordes of swearing while watching someone else fail at a game. Why would that be entertaining?

It’s not because of maturity. It’s not because of a cheap laugh. It’s because Michael Jones represents how so many of us feel but doesn’t have to hold it in. For the most part, I want to scream at my screen and flip the hell out as a game gets more and more frustrating. And often the more frustrating it gets, the louder I want to scream. But I don’t.

I don’t because I don’t want my roommate to complain or my parents to kick me out of the house or the girl I am seeing to think I am a lunatic. So I just turn the game off. Imagine all that pent up rage with the inability to turn a game off because you know at minimum your video needs to be at least five minutes of useable footage. Enter Rage Quit.

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Game Review: ‘The Walking Dead: 400 Days’ for XBox Live Arcade

THe Walking Dead 400 Days

Last year, players got to experience a Walking Dead experience that rivaled the comics with Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Sticking to a traditional point and click adventure style of storytelling rather than an action game or shooter (like AMC’s The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct).

Last week on Tuesday for PSN users and Friday for XBLA users, Telltale released a special episode for The Walking Dead. Meant to act as a bridge between season 1 and the upcoming season 2, there is a departure from part of what people loved so much of the first season for. But, the new aspects of the game and its storytelling keeps the hook there for players for the next season.

The Long

The first thing players will note in The Walking Dead: 400 Days is the separation from the main characters in the first season. Where there is an appearance from some periphery characters, the majority of those seen in the game are new to both the game and the comics. There is also a group of six characters players take the role of (five characters with their own chapter and then one epilogue) as opposed to only playing for Lee in the previous title.

This is where things start to feel starkly different. Part of what was so addictive in the first season of The Walking Dead was following the relationship between Lee and Clementine. In 400 Days though, before you can get too invested in a single character, you move onto the next. The long term results of these actions also remain to be seen as to how these characters will play a role in the second season alongside those who made it through the first.

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