Kickstarter Watch: 'Perfect Dark'

Kickstarter Watch: ‘Perfect Dark’

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Back in the N64 days, Perfect Dark was the shooter that was second only to Goldeneye and that’s probably because it was from the same developers but was a brand new IP that didn’t have the cache that something like the James Bond brand brought to the table. A generation later when the XBox 360 launched with Perfect Dark Zero alongside it and helped hold fans over until Halo made its leap to the generation.

Later in 2010, five years after Perfect Dark Zero was released, there was an XBox Live version of the original Perfect Dark. What other reason could there be for the rerelease of a classic title if not to promote a new one? And then in August of 2013, Rare said they had new ideas for a Perfect Dark game that involved the Kinect (keep in mind this was before the lackluster reception of the Kinect on the XBox One). Since then… nothing.

But sometimes people take matters into their own hands and that’s where fan films are born. And for them to be done properly, they usually aren’t cheap. Now I know the article is titled Kickstarter Watch but this particular fan funding is living on IndieGoGo. A full decade since the release of the last proper Perfect Dark game, a fan film is the works with the relatively low goal of $20,000 over the next 56 days.

Coming from Marc Darc with young actress Carol Anne Watts in the title role of Joanna Dark (Codenamed: Perfect Dark), this project could be what fans of the series who have been clamoring for it to be revisited have been waiting for. One thing that helps this fan film is that since there are only two games to base it off of, there is a lot of room to play in the Perfect Dark sandbox so the film makers don’t need to be so concerned about breaking decades worth of mythos and upsetting the most hardcore audience if something isn’t in perfect continuity.

Take a look at the teaser they have put together below and make sure to help pledge your support for the Perfect Dark project if you are one of those people who is hoping to see gaming franchises done right on film.