Guilty Pleasure: 'Rage Quit'

Guilty Pleasure: ‘Rage Quit’

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No need to sugarcoat it. Every one of us has our guilty pleasures. For some its watching a cartoon that was never really that good. For others it is dumping tons of cash on a new collectible.

And for some of us, it is watching and enjoying something we know we shouldn’t. Rage Quit, which is available on the Rooster Teeth YouTube channel, is one such example. In essence, there is nothing I should like about watching episodes of Rage Quit. High pitched screaming and hordes of swearing while watching someone else fail at a game. Why would that be entertaining?

It’s not because of maturity. It’s not because of a cheap laugh. It’s because Michael Jones represents how so many of us feel but doesn’t have to hold it in. For the most part, I want to scream at my screen and flip the hell out as a game gets more and more frustrating. And often the more frustrating it gets, the louder I want to scream. But I don’t.

I don’t because I don’t want my roommate to complain or my parents to kick me out of the house or the girl I am seeing to think I am a lunatic. So I just turn the game off. Imagine all that pent up rage with the inability to turn a game off because you know at minimum your video needs to be at least five minutes of useable footage. Enter Rage Quit.

In the video below, you’ll see just why I love Rage Quit. But only if you’re a real gamer will you appreciate what Michael Jones has to go through. Stories have been told that Michael often has to wait until the rest of the Rooster Teeth offices have cleared out for the day so not to disturb the rest of his co-workers. Take a look at Michael playing The Impossible Game and make sure to check out other episodes of Rage Quit too.