'Doodle Jump' for the Kinect Coming This Summer

‘Doodle Jump’ for the Kinect Coming This Summer

Doodle Jump Kinect Logo

When you look at the XBox Kinect it is pretty easy to list off its successes. The Gunstringer. Fruit Ninja Kinect. The Dance Central series… and that’s it. While there were numerous Kinect releasing, only a few really brought the promise of the hardware to life.

And like Fruit Ninja Kinect, another piece of software that originated on iOS is making its way to the XBLA for the Kinect with Doodle Jump. Unlike Fruit Ninja Kinect though, we aren’t exactly sure how Doodle Jump is going to fair with its change of control. Fruit Ninja Kinect was kind of a no brainer to let players replace their finger motions with swipes of their entire arm.

Doodle Jump Kinect sounds like it is going to require players tilt their body in the same way they tilted their iPhone on the original game. In addition, various arm gestures will help them shoot, fly and perform various other functions. After seeing how well the Kinect reacts to simple tasks when watching Netflix, I still have my doubts.

“We’ve brought the Doodler onto new platforms before, but never like this… The unparalleled freedom afforded by Kinect for Xbox 360 allows us to explore new gameplay experiences we never even imagined were possible when we first developed the original Doodle Jump,” said Igor Pusenjak, co-founder of the game’s creator Lima Sky.

Being developed by Smoking Gun Interactive, Doodle Jump Kinect will be a $5 version of the third most successful iOS app of all time (with a 66% price increase to play it on your TV with your entire body). Keep your eyes peeled to XBLA this summer.