‘Doctor Who’ Ends 2014 With Record Ratings


The year of the Twelfth Doctor has also been the year of incredible ratings for BBC America. Doctor Who finished 2014 with its highest rated season ever including over 2.3 million viewers on Christmas Day for the special “Last Christmas” episode.

Peter Capaldi debuted as the newest regeneration of the beloved Time Lord alongside returning companion Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald. Together the duo brought in an average 2.035 million viewers in Live+3, meaning those ratings also include DVR views. Capaldi’s first Christmas Special more than doubled the viewership of his predecessor’s first such episode, “A Christmas Carol,” in 2010. The Twelfth Doctor’s “Last Christmas” was the #1 show in all of Primetime television, excluding sports.

Series 8 added fresh new twists and turns to the Doctor Who mythos including a reappearance by The Master, but not as we’ve ever seen him before. Michelle Gomez starred as Missy, a female regeneration of the Doctor’s old frenemy . Samuel Anderson also had a touching and integral turn as Clara’s boyfriend Danny Pink.

“Last Christmas” will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on February 17. Doctor Who will return for another full season in 2015.

Titan’s ‘Doctor Who’ Comics Materialize In Stores


After a brief hiatus Doctor Who returns this week to comic books stores, this time courtesy of Titan Comics. Doctor Who‘s history in comics is pretty much as storied as the Television version, starting a year after the show debuted. The long-running UK published Doctor Who Magazine has been running comic strips based on the show since 1979.

In the US, however, the Doctor didn’t see any four-color adventures until the mid-1980s with Marvel Comics reprinting some of the British strips. That was short-lived and it wasn’t until 2007 that an American published comic book was made available. Now the US gets the best of both worlds with Titan Comics being a British publisher, but with full distribution in the US. As if to reward us for our eternal patience this week sees the debut of two new Doctor Who comics with a third on the way soon. Here’s a look at the first two titles.

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John Simm Looks for ‘Intruders’ on BBC America


Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner, part of the team responsible for bringing Doctor Who back to TV in 2005, have teamed up with The X-Files‘ Glen Morgan and The L Word‘s Rose Lam to bring a new original series to BBC America. Intruders stars John Simm, Mira Sorvino, Robert Forster, James Frain, Tory Kittles and introduces ten-year old Millie Brown.

Based on Michael Marshall Smith’s novel, Intruders is about a secret society devoted to chasing immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others. It premieres Saturday, August 23rd on BBC America and the channel has provided a brand-new creepy trailer to get you ready. Most likely this will be paired with the return of Doctor Who and should make Saturdays full of sci-fi fun this autumn.

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Interview: Jordan Gavaris Talks ‘Orphan Black,’ Fee and Clones


Orphan Black abounds with interesting troubled characters even if most of them are clones all played by the brilliantly talented Tatiana Maslany. But even clones need a BFF and that’s actor Jordan Gavaris who is Felix Dawkins or Fee to his many friends. Felix is also a scene stealing, sarcastic rent boy as well as an outlandish, sarcastic artist. And he always gets the best lines.

Several months ago, after their segment at the Television Critics Association conference, BBC America hosted an afternoon tea party for the casts of several of their shows and The Flickcast was lucky enough to trade questions and answers with the delightful, but not sarcastic, Jordan Gavaris.

THE FLICKCAST: Can you talk about playing Felix, and will you also be going deeper into the character in this new season?

JORDAN GAVARIS: Hugely deeper. I think Season 1 Felix was very much an integral cog in the mystery and the conception of the story and in Sarah’s journey, and now I think what Season 2 helps to do is establish him outside of the clones, establish him as an individual with his own identity and as a multifaceted human and not just a plot device or not just someone who’s there to facilitate whatever Sarah’s crazy idea is that day or, you know, be the person that she calls when she’s in trouble, that he gets an identity outside of all that which is really important because he’s a living, breathing person.

I think that he has kind of just gone along and been that person who picks up the phone at 3:00 in the morning, and I think it’s safe to say that the relationship with Sarah is going to come to a head, and there’s a really tough decision that’s going to be made, and there are many tough decisions that are going to be made, and it’s not going to be easy. So, yeah, there’s a lot of relationships that are tested, particularly, Sarah’s and Felix’s.

TFC: You’ve got some of the most loyal fans, not only the Clone Club but critics as well. It was amazing how fast the show caught fire.

JG: When you are talking about the bloggers and Clone Club and everybody, too, the critics, like the endless list of people, like you guys [the press] who kind of championed the show, in the beginning you told five people who told five people who told five people who like told Dalton Ross who shoved it down EW’s throats in the office and like made everybody watch it. It made a big difference, like a huge, huge difference.

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‘Doctor Who’ Casts Ben Miller as the Sheriff of Nottingham?


Ben Miller is set to star as a villain in a Doctor Who episode penned by Mark Gatiss. It will be the actor’s first role on the British juggernaut, which returns later this year.

“As a committed Whovian, I cannot believe my luck in joining the Twelfth Doctor for one of his inaugural adventures,” Miller said. “My only worry is that they’ll make me leave the set when I’m not filming.”

Rumors are swirling that Miller may be playing the Sheriff of Nottingham, or some Whovian iteration of the famous baddie. Last week, Tom Riley was cast in an upcoming Doctor Who episode and many are assuming he will be playing Robin Hood. The same rumors are naming other another recently announced guest star, Ian Hallard, as playing merry man, Alan-A-Dale.

For now, BBC America has not confirmed any role for Miller, except as a “storming villain” to go against Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. Best known for being one half of the comedy duo Armstrong and Miller, the actor was recently seen in BBC’s Death in Paradise as DI Richard Poole. Interestingly, Miller’s comedic partner, Alexander Armstrong, already had a stint on Doctor Who, appearing in the 2011 Christmas Special as Reg Arwell.