Monday Freeview: The Bane Soundboard from the Auralnauts on YouTube

freestyle bane soundboard

Most of the Monday Freeview games focus on things that fall into the “Free to Play” model so even though they are free to the point of entry, there is a money-making plan behind them. This one, however, is a little bit different.

This week’s Freeview is sending you to YouTube, to a very specific video. Based off the viral hit they had with “Freestyle Bane“, the Auralnauts have been able to do something new and exciting with the YouTube system to create a fully functional and interactive soundboard for the parody character.

With use of creative timing and production, the Auralnauts were able to max out the number of annotations in a YouTube video (which is 378 so you know for future reference) to create a fully functional soundboard with three full pages of sound files to put in to the freestyle. The video starts off with Bane commanding the DJ to “drop a beat” where the viewer gets to click on a few different background beats. These open up to a new window that plays the audio only video as a background track. After that, head back to the main video and start freestyling to your heart’s content.

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The Internet in 2012: ‘Rewind YouTube Style 2012’

Rewind YouTube Style 2012

How do you measure a year? Don’t worry, I’m not about to break out into song. But my answer does involve at least three of the hottest songs of the year. It also includes a dancing zebra, a man skydiving from space, some gamers and probably close to 1,000,000 calories. In just one day,’s year in review video has garnered more than 17,000,000 views (a number that will most likely be obsolete by the time this post even goes live). But the video isn’t just a compilation video or highlight reel.

Take a peek below at the cast of YouTube celebrities brought together for this remix rewind of all of their top viewed trending videos. With over billion of views between the stars of the video (over 980,000,000 for PSY’s “Gangam Style” alone), some of these people who may not have ever graced a movie screen have become more recognizable than some television or big screen actors.

Some of these people featured have found themselves on TV because of their YouTube fame including iJustine who appeared in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II “Surprise” trailer.

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WonderCon 2012 Video Wrap-Up: Girls, Cosplay, & Posing

Another WonderCon has come and gone. This year was slightly different than any year previous as this was the first time that WonderCon was held in Anaheim, CA and not its typical home of San Francisco.

Many people I spoke to enjoyed the change in venue, and liked the added space that the Anaheim Convention center seemed to provide.

One of the best things coming away from a comic book convention is the chance to look at pictures of the costumes, ruffle through your free swag, and watch fun videos captured around the convention. Enjoy them all after the jump.

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Check It Out: Steven Spielberg Tribute: A Supercut

More and more, YouTube is become less of a place to watch cats beat up other cats, and more of a place to watch premium content that you are lucky to get for free on demand. In the past few years, one of those premium content trends has been “supercuts” and “movie mashups” where talented editors take clips from films and put them all together in one splendid masterpiece (if we do say so ourselves).

With that, one talented YouTuber named Kees van Dijkjuizen, an 18 year old films student from the Netherlands, who has been doing two series. One of which is a year-in-review Cinema supercut, that he’s done every year since 2008, and the other is his [the films of] series in which he showcases some of the most critically acclaimed directors of our time, from Christopher Nolan, to Tim Burton, and Ridley Scott.

His latest cut is the finale of the latter series, and it’s is a dedication to Steven Spielberg. This was a big one for him, which he lays out in the description.

Film as we know it today was shaped by thousands of creative minds working together to create something special for the audience to experience. Among those is Steven Spielberg; considered by many to be the true master of modern day cinema, Spielberg’s 26 feature films have each taken us to magical worlds, introduced us to fantastic characters and on adventures we will never forget. [the films of] has honored many filmmakers, but none of them as significant to film history as the genius featured in this final episode.

Take a look at the supercut after the jump, and check out his YouTube channel here.

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Web Video Roundup: Drunken Christmas Story, Left 4 Dead Fan Film, Massive Trailer Roundup

Drunk History is back on the web, but this time they’re showing the holiday spirit with guest stars Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, and Jim Carrey.

The mother of all video game fan films has arrived as the Left 4 Dead flick hits the web. Be sure to stick around till the end for some awesome gaming cameos.

Speaking of fan films, we stumbled across the best real life gaming adaptation in the history of the web. Say hello to Battlefield 3 In Real Life.

It’s Christmas time everywhere in the world (well, almost everywhere), even in Arkham City. But instead of visits from a man in red, they get a famous caped crusader.

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