Web Video Roundup: Freddie Wong Takes on 'Dragonball Z', Stanley From 'The Office' Raps, & How The Sith Stole Life Day

Web Video Roundup: Freddie Wong Takes on ‘Dragonball Z’, Stanley From ‘The Office’ Raps, & How The Sith Stole Life Day

The fun folks over at Corridor Digital finally made a follow-up to their classic Graphic Violence video from a year ago with a new one, Brush with Death.

Speaking of all things internet and fun, Freddie Wong produced a new video over the Thanksgiving break, and those Dragonball Z fans have been clamoring for this one for quite some time.

The holidays are upon us, so why wouldn’t someone cut a mash-up video between Star Wars and How the Grinch Stole Christmas? The only difference is that Vader’s heart didn’t grow 3 sizes…he took his mask off and died.

Fans of the 90s high school comedy Saved by the Bell remember a very special episode in particular. One that introduced us to the excellent Rod Belding.

The classic duo of Mario and Fafa of Glove and Boots got together to play some Rock Band, and it didn’t go as rock and roll as it could have gone…

Simple math. Lasers + Electronica + TRON = complete bad ass video made by the immortal Laserman.

What if we were to tell you that The Office’s “Stanley” aka Leslie David Baker, starred in his very own rap music video? We’re not kidding. This needs to be watched.