Web Video Roundup: Doctor Who Sing-a-Long, Donald Glover's New Single, & The Muppets Take WWE Raw

Web Video Roundup: Doctor Who Sing-a-Long, Donald Glover’s New Single, & The Muppets Take WWE Raw

Season 1 of TBS’s Conan is coming to a close, and with that, this awesome montage of the show’s opening sequences over the past several episodes.

After watching Big Trouble in Little China more times than we care to count, we never realized that Kurt Russel had no idea what was going on for pretty much the entire film. Until now.

What happens when you run out of bullets on the battlefield? You use¬†defibrillators, of course. That’s what we learned in the latest Corridor Digital short.

Your childhood had an aneurism this Monday as The Muppets made a very special appearance on this week’s WWE Raw. This is only one of the episode’s several highlights.

Donald Glover’s rapping alter ego Childish Gambino is back with a brand new lead single for his new album. This one, titled Bonfire, came just in time to get you in the creepy Halloween mood this week.

Former Doctor Who star David Tennant finally got to show his love for a popular Proclaimers song while using his famous friends in this tribute video. Dancing Oods = Forever Win.

Over a decade later, and the kids from American Pie are back again with more ugly girl and masturbation humor in American Reunion. Oh, how we missed them.

Funny Or Die is launching their brand new, raunchy “On the Street” gameshow titled Billy on the Street. Here’s an 8 minute preview.