Web Video Roundup: Drunken Christmas Story, Left 4 Dead Fan Film, Massive Trailer Roundup

Drunk History is back on the web, but this time they’re showing the holiday spirit with guest stars Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, and Jim Carrey.

The mother of all video game fan films has arrived as the Left 4 Dead flick hits the web. Be sure to stick around till the end for some awesome gaming cameos.

Speaking of fan films, we stumbled across the best real life gaming adaptation in the history of the web. Say hello to Battlefield 3 In Real Life.

It’s Christmas time everywhere in the world (well, almost everywhere), even in Arkham City. But instead of visits from a man in red, they get a famous caped crusader.

Our favorite quirky show Portlandia finally adresses a serious issue that plagued sci-fi nerds a few years ago. That issue was the addiction to the rebooted Battlestar Galacitca series.

In case you missed them, the past two weeks have been fully loaded with blockbuster trailers. We’ve got them all right here for your convenience, because we love you.

Wrath of the Titans

The Dark Knight Rises

Rock of Ages

G.I. Joe: Retalliation

Jack the Giant Killer

The Expendables 2

The Avengers (German Trailer)

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

The Hobbit: Part 1


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