Monday Freeview: The Bane Soundboard from the Auralnauts on YouTube

Monday Freeview: The Bane Soundboard from the Auralnauts on YouTube

freestyle bane soundboard

Most of the Monday Freeview games focus on things that fall into the “Free to Play” model so even though they are free to the point of entry, there is a money-making plan behind them. This one, however, is a little bit different.

This week’s Freeview is sending you to YouTube, to a very specific video. Based off the viral hit they had with “Freestyle Bane“, the Auralnauts have been able to do something new and exciting with the YouTube system to create a fully functional and interactive soundboard for the parody character.

With use of creative timing and production, the Auralnauts were able to max out the number of annotations in a YouTube video (which is 378 so you know for future reference) to create a fully functional soundboard with three full pages of sound files to put in to the freestyle. The video starts off with Bane commanding the DJ to “drop a beat” where the viewer gets to click on a few different background beats. These open up to a new window that plays the audio only video as a background track. After that, head back to the main video and start freestyling to your heart’s content.


heck out the Bane sound board below in its full glory and make sure to share it with any Batman and Dark Knight enthusiast you may find as well.

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