Joss Whedon Kills 'Buffy' Movie Rumors

Joss Whedon Kills ‘Buffy’ Movie Rumors

buffysmgHere at The Flickcast we love all-things Whedon. From Angel to Firefly to Serenity, Dollhouse and the show that started it all Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, the Whedon’s work has made us laugh, scared us and entertained us for many years. When Buffy went off the air in 2003, rumors and speculation about an eventual big-screen adaptation began almost immediately.

Even though the show ended with a vary satisfying, albeit slightly sad, episode, fans have always wanted to see what happens next. Not even a comic book version from Dark Horse that continues the series with Season Eight has been able to make fans completely forget their desire for a big-screen Buffy. They just haven’t stopped wishing for it to happen. Sadly, according to the man himself in an interview this week, and posted over at Sci-Fi Wire, wishing just won’t make it so.

According to Joss:

“Not gonna happen. Until I gather the press and make a public announcement myself that it’s going to happen, never believe anything.”

At least we still have the comic. And who knows, one day Joss just might gather those reporters and make that annuncement. Stranger things have happened in Hollywood.