Warner Bros. Will Swap Your HD-DVD's for Blu-Ray

Warner Bros. Will Swap Your HD-DVD’s for Blu-Ray

rip-hd-dvdNow that the dust has settled and the epic “format war” is finally over, the world has accepted Blu-Ray as the official High Def DVD World Champion. The only problem? All of us who picked the other format are now left standing with our stacks of useless HD-DVD’s dangling in the wind. Well, fear not because Warner Bros. is here to help! (could you ever imagine?)

The company has started a new project, simply titled Red2Blu, in which you can mail them your old Warner Home Entertainment HD-DVD’s and for a few dollars ($4.95 for shipping and handling to be exact), they will replace your old high-def with a shiny new Blu-Ray version. Just think, now you can finally enjoy such Warner Bros. classics as Inkheart and Firewall in all of their 1080p glory. What could be better than that?

This may not mean much for people like myself who still have their HD-DVD player sitting on top of their Blu-Ray player and can watch the movies. But some of the Blu-Ray versions do have newer, nicer features, so that’s a bonus and may cause more pople to make the switch.

No longer do you have to try and peddle HD-DVD discs on eBay or paint the cases blue so your friends don’t make fun of you when they come over. Long Live Blu-Ray!

Now if only we can do this with our Laser Discs. . .