Sci-Fi Gives 'Eureka' Return Date, Other Schedule Details

Sci-Fi Gives ‘Eureka’ Return Date, Other Schedule Details

colinfergusoneurekaEven though Battlestar Galactica is finished over at Sci-Fi Channel and Caprica doesn’t start until next year, the network has some other programming that’s worth checking out — some of which they’ve announced details about today. One such show is Eureka, a quirky story of science run a muck in small town America, which returns for ten new episodes on July 10th.

Other shows announced by Sci-Fi include the premier of a new series, Warehouse 13 and the return of Ghost Hunters. Of course, Sci-Fi also continues its “monster of the week’ trend with more “Sci-Fi Original” movies including Malibu Shark Attack starring Peta Wilson as the leader of a group of lifeguards and construction workers struggling to survive a shark attack after a tidal wave leaves them stranded.

Other original movies announced by Sci-Fi include High Plains Invaders with James Marsters as a retired outlaw who must defend a small mining town from alien invaders; Hellhounds, the story of a Greek warrior on a quest to save his young bride from the god of the underworld and Sand Serpents, featuring Jason Gedrick as an inexperienced soldier leading his men across the desert of Afghanistan to safety all while being pursued by murderous sand creatures.

For more details on these shows, and more, head on over to the Sci-Fi Channel website.