Three New 'Star Trek' Spots Hit the 'Net

Three New ‘Star Trek’ Spots Hit the ‘Net

startrekchrispinekirkI don’t know about you but we’re starting to get pretty excited around The Flickcast offices about next Friday’s release of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. Sure, some people worry about the reboot of the franchise and are concerned it might not be what they love or remember as their Star Trek.

But no matter if you watched the original series first as a kid growing up or if your first experience with Star Trek will be the upcoming film, one thing it seems everyone can agree on is that this film looks great and its going to be a lot of fun.

To further prove this point, over at Sci-Fi Wire they’ve got three new TV spots for the movie with previously seen footage and also some brand new stuff mixed in just to give fans even more to be excited about. And, like it or not, this tactic seems to be working — even on somewhat jaded entertainment writers. Check ’em out.