Bruce Willis Wants Warren Ellis' 'Red'

Bruce Willis Wants Warren Ellis’ ‘Red’

There are very few constants in this world, but moviegoers can rest easy knowing that, for the past 21 years, Bruce Willis has made consistent action films and while they may not all be consistently “good” (I’m looking at you, Hudson Hawk), John McClane keeps going strong, spitting out quips and blowing up city blocks. According to The Hollywood Reporter, at the fresh age of 54, Willis is once again setting his sights on the comic book world, as he’s now in talks for the lead an adaptation of Warren Ellis’ graphic novel RED.

Published by Wildstorm and DC, the story revolves around Paul Moses, a retired CIA agent living in seclusion. A new director is appointed to the CIA, who uncovers all of the heinous activities that Moses had done under employment of the agency, and changes the status of former Agent Moses from “Green” to “Red”, thus signing for his assassination. (Sounds a bit too close to the plot of the USA series Burn Notice, right?)

The adaptation of the series was initially announced in June of last year, when Summit Entertainment picked up the rights for the Ellis’ book. The film is being scripted by the team of Eric and Jon Hoeber, who just finished the script for this year’s Whiteout, starring Kate Beckinsale and The Spirit‘s Gabriel Macht. Bruce Willis will next be seen in the Disney thriller (?) Surrogates, and is also attached to Kevin Smith’s buddy cop film A Couple of Dicks, and a live-action adaptation of the video game Kane & Lynch. Busy guy!