Sam Mendes Talks 'Preacher'

Sam Mendes Talks ‘Preacher’

preacher1As you probably know from last week’s episode of The Flickcast, I’m a fan of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion’s Preacher comic book. It was one of my picks of the week. I’ve also followed it through its various television and cinematic incarnations to its present home at Columbia Pictures in the hands of director Sam Mendes and writer John August.

During last week’s show, I mentioned that the script for the film was in progress and now, thanks to an article over at MTV Spashpage, we know even more about the script and that progress. According to the article, Mendes was being interviewd about his other upcoing film and also decided to take a few questions about Preacher. About the current state of the script and August, Mendes said: “He’s doing pretty well. “He’s about halfway through. There’s a long way to go yet, but I’m very, very hopeful. I think it could be amazing.”

When asked about the possibility of sequels or a franchise, Mendes was quick to point out his desire to make the first film a complete story. “You have to try and get one really good and then, if you’re lucky, you can make a second or a third,” said Mendes. “You can create something that’s going to run. But I think that there’s certainly more than enough for one good movie and plenty left over.”

No casting has been announced for the film as yet nor does it have a release date. But when there is more on this movie, rest assured we’ll bring it to you.