BSG's Grace Park Talks 'The Plan'

BSG’s Grace Park Talks ‘The Plan’

BSG0306_JS0350Here at The Flickcast, we’re big fans of the newly departed Battlestar Galactica, which was one of the best shows on television and recently ended its four season run on Sci-Fi Channel. Fortunately, we’ve still got Caprica to look forward to as well as a tv movie called The Plan, which was written by Jane Espenson, directed by Edward james Olmos and takes place between seasons one and two of BSG.

Plus, in The Plan we will still get to see some of our favorite BSG cast members, including the lovely Grace Park who played Boomer and Athena on the show. In an interview with Park over at Sci-Fi Wire, she explains how The Plan was put together and details a bit more about her role.

“What we did was we took scenes that we already shot, that you’re going to recognize, and then either add another angle, or add some dialogue,” Park said in the interview. “So if someone whispered something in someone’s ear, which you never heard, we’re actually adding that dialogue. So it’s going to inform things on so many different levels. So it’s tricky.”

The two-hour pilot of Caprica is now available on DVD and the Web. Caprica the series starts on Sci-Fi early next year. Battlestar Galactica: The Plan is due to hit the airwaves in November.