'Dollhouse' Gets a Second Season

‘Dollhouse’ Gets a Second Season

What better way to fill that Friday night void now that Dollhouse‘s first season has ended? Oh, how about news that Fox has picked up the show for a second season?

According to the LA Times, the network won’t make the announcement officially until upfronts on Monday, but several close sources to the show are saying that we can look forward to another season of Eliza Dushku in skimpy outfits. No word yet on whether the illustrious 13th episode, starring star of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog and fellow twitter-addict Felicia Day, will get any airtime, but it will definitely be available on the DVD — which is due out July 28.

It’s true, we can even admit that we were a bit worried about a second season after the poor ratings of the finale (among other episodes), but we here at The Flickcast are more than happy that Fox is giving Joss Whedon and his gang another chance.

This means that along with Fringe and Lie to Me, which have both been renewed for another season, Fox seems to be breaking the trend of ending shows prematurely, and it only took a few dozen casualties and thousands of irate fans.

Great job, Fox! Now how about some love for Sarah Connor?