'Reaper' May be Back from the Dead in Syndication

‘Reaper’ May be Back from the Dead in Syndication

reaper_castEven though its not on Matt Raub’s list (at least I don’t think it is), Reaper is one of those shows you’re not watching, but probably should be. The story of a boy who collects souls for his father Satan and sends them back to hell with the help of his two bumbling pals hasn’t exactly been a ratings darling for the somewhat struggling CW network. Sadly, given its ratings, it seemed cancillation and oblivion was the likely scenario for the show. Not so, according to an article over at The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the article, sources say show producer ABC Studios is in talks with CW affiliate stations about continuing Reaper as a syndicated series on Sunday night — seeing as how the CW recently gave Sunday back to its affiliates and they need programming besides local car commercials and reruns of Jerico. Another possible scenario is for the show to continue on cable. However, both of these are considered longshots mostly due to the cost of producing the show for cable or syndication and to series co-star Tyler Labine’s new Fox comedy series Sons of Tuscon, which was recently picked up by Fox. 

To be honest, Reaper was an interesting and intriguing show with a good cast when it first started but, for whatever reason, lost me half way through this season. Perhaps the show could find its stride once again if given a new lease on life in syndication or on cable? Or, maybe its time to just let the show die a dignified death like so many other quality shows these days that can’t seem to find an audience.