'Archie' Finally Ties the Knot

‘Archie’ Finally Ties the Knot


Forget choosing the next American Idol, the most talented chef or snarky supermodel, the biggest choice in history, ok, comic history, is about to be made this August — at least according to an article over at Today. Archie Andrews is getting hitched! That’s right, the Rick Astley doppelganger is finally choosing between sweet, blonde Betty and spoiled brunette Veronica Lodge. Don’t worry single ladies, it only took him 68 years to pop the question, so there’s still hope for you too.

According to Archie Comics’ official blog, the carrot topped Casanova has graduated college and may even be employed. Perhaps he’s even got a son-in-law office at The Lodge Building? Of course, with a story that takes place 5 years post Riverdale High, anything is possible and readers can’t wait to find out what Archie, Betty, Veronica, Reggie and Jughead will be up to. Issue 600 of the comic will kickoff the six-part “marriage” story and will be available in stores on September 8. Movie producer Michael Usian and veteran Archie artist Stan Goldberg will collaborate on the issues

Who will he pick? Well, that depends on the criteria he’s using, but Miss Ronnie probably comes with a sizeable dowry and Papa Lodge will likely spring for some nice digs in a swanky Riverdale neighborhood. Betty, on the other hand, will do the laundry, knows how to cook, and will be a great Mom. Both are super hotties with Barbiesque measurements and gravitationally immune breasts. So who will he choose? We’ll just have to wait until September to find out.