Another New 'Land of the Lost' Clip

Another New ‘Land of the Lost’ Clip

I’m still not sure how I feel about the Land of the Lost feature film. Sure, I’ve always wanted to see a big screen treatment for one of my favorite shows about Marshall, Will and Holly on a routine expedition who encountered a great earthquake and were plunged a thousand feet below to The Land of the Lost. But in my mind I guess I always assumed (I know, never assume) that the movie would be an action piece and not a comedy.

Oh well, I guess I was wrong because instead of action drama, we’ve got Will Farrell in a comedy — which isn’t necessareily a bad thing. He is, after all, pretty darn funny. As for the movie? I guess we’ll see when it opens later this year. Until then, here’s the latest clip from the film to hit the Interwebs, courtesy of the folks over at MTV’s Movies blog.