Filmmaker Chronicles His Love for 'Star Wars' in '77'

Filmmaker Chronicles His Love for ‘Star Wars’ in ’77’

star-wars-smallThe date, May 25th, 1977. The movie: Star Wars. The result: A phenomenom was born that has spawned 5 sequels and prequels, toys, games, endless speculation and billions of dollars in ticket and merchandise sales. The movie also inspired generations of aspiring filmmakers who’s only desire from that day forward was to make movies. One such aspiring filmmaker was young Patrick Read Johnson.

His story, however, is rather unique in that not only was he one of the first people to know about Star Wars, he spent quite a bit of time on the set and can be regarded, at least in some circles, as Star Wars’ first fan. And now Johnson has made a film chronocling his days as a teenager in love with Star Wars, which was originally called 5-25-77, but has now been retitled as 77.

Over at Starlog, they’ve posted an interview with Johnson which gives a bit more insight into his history with Star Wars and how this film came to be. They’ve also included a trailer for the film, which is still in post-production, and we’ve got it right here for you to watch.

[Via Sci-Fi Wire]