'Spider-Man' Vs. Vampires in 'Spider-Man 4'?

‘Spider-Man’ Vs. Vampires in ‘Spider-Man 4’?

spiderman4Recently over at CHUD, they posted an excerpt from a video interview with Spider-Man and Drag Me to Hell director, and all-around cool, guy Sam Raimi. The interview was primarily to promote his upcoming return to the horror genre with Drag Me to Hell — which looks awesome, btw.

However, during the interview, they also manged to sneak in a few questions about Raimi’s next project, a movie you might have heard something about: Spider-Man 4. In fact, we even talked a bit about it here at The Flickcast. Among the things discussed in the interview was a rather big bombshell that we might be seeing Spider-Man fight vampires in the next film.

Of course, if that’s true, that means the villain (at least one of them) will have to be Morbius — in addition to, or instead of, The Lizard, which Marvel’s Avi Arad has been hinting would be the next Spidey villain. So, will we really see Spider-Man battling vampires in the next film? Check out Raimi’s response to the question in the video over at CHUD. It’s pretty interesting.

Spider-Man 4 hits theaters May 6, 2011.