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Weblink Wednesday:


Just about everybody has lived this scenario at one time or another: you go out on a Friday night to see that movie you’ve been looking forward to, be it a Transformers or Night at the Museum, and about 30 minutes in, that gigantic, watered-down soda you were talked into buying is now sitting in your bladder but ready to find an exit. There’s no way you can hold it in but you don’t want to leave the theater, thinking that you’ll miss the awesome scene where R2-D2 pops up next to the Enterprise. So, you stay, squirming and holding it until the bitter end, turning what could have been a great experience into a nightmare.

You can now forget about those moments, all thanks to RunPee, which is currently in beta, was designed to be a bible for fans who need to know when is the best time during a movie to leave the theater and hit the restroom. The site not only gives you the minute mark and accurate description of the scene in which you can leave, but it even tells you how long you’ll have to do your business and get back.

This probably also works for smokers who need to get in that last cigarette and can’t miss the pivotal scene. The films are as recent as each week’s releases, and as old as A Haunting in Connecticut, so you can check back often to find out when is the best time to do your business during the latest movie. This probably also makes for a better movie experience in general because if you go out to pee, you’ll be missing the weakest part of the film — almost like it never even happened!

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