Archie Picks Veronica to be His Wife

Archie Picks Veronica to be His Wife

archieissue600coverHoly Goldiggers, Batman!  Just days after we brought you the story that Archie Andrews was acquiring a to-be-named-later ball and chain, the aforementioned ball has been identified.  Archie is proposing to Veronica! With a heartbreaking cover that could melt even Kate Gosselin’s icy heart, Archie is seen on bended knee putting a dazzling ring on heiress Veronica Lodge’s finger while girl-next-door Betty Cooper looks on in tears.  On her blog at, Betty posted “I am so sad, I don’t even know what to say.”

No details about the wedding have been released as of yet, but on his blog Archie has asked Jughead to be his best man. So far, Jughead has not posted a response.  Meanwhile, the newly affianced Miss Lodge wonders if Betty would like to be her maid of honor, while Reggie considers asking Betty out. You may recall the “Love Showdown” storyline of 1994-95 when the famous love triangle threatened to come to a head. After much waffling, the other and less irritating Carrot Topped funny man chose Cheryl Blossom, a longtime thorn in Betty and Veronica’s sides. Predictably, she became a persona non grata in Riverdale and things returned to normal.

This time, it seems a choice has been made, and the question that remains is “Will the marriage happen?”  If it does, it will likely be a lavish event thrown by Hiram Lodge, Veronica’s permissive but protective father. Will Betty agree to be the maid of honor?  Who will be her date to the wedding?  Will there be a chick fight to the delight of adolescent boys everywhere featuring some hot comic-book-side-boob action?  Readers can’t wait to find out.

Archie issue #600 “The Proposal”, which is part one of a six part arc, will be available in stores on September 1. It’s written by Michael Uslan with art by Stan Goldberg.

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