E3 2009: It Begins

E3 2009: It Begins

e3_logo_mediumIn case you hadn’t heard, in Los Angeles today, tomorrow and Thursday there’s this big video game convention called The Electronic Entertainment Expo. It takes up pretty much the entire available space of the Los Angeles Convention Center and over the three days showcases all that it new, cool and about to explode in the world of video games and online content.

Yesterday, we brought you news from Microsoft about all their great announcements, including some really cool games and a project called Natal which basically allows players to use their own bodies as game controllers — eliminating the need for any traditional controller. All in all, some pretty exciting announcements.

As of today the show is “officially” underway and we’ll bring you more news, announcements and game videos as much as we possibly can. We’ll also attempt to show you many of the sites, sounds and other interesting aspects that make E3 what it was and what it may be again this year.

And yes, if there’s any booth babes, we’ll try to get pictures of them for you. Don’t worry.

Be sure to check back right here over the next three days for all sorts of E3 news.