Weblink Wednesday: BigScreenBiz.com

Weblink Wednesday: BigScreenBiz.com

Tired of trying to remember when your favorite indie or big budget movie hits theaters, or which theater you can use that gift card you got last Christmas at? Well, look no further, because a site that has snuck by the radar is here to help.

Check out bigscreenbiz.com for all things in the world of movie business, including exactly who owns what chain and where (Like how far the reach of Bowtie Cinemas extends).

Also, if you’re a big classic theater fan (and what big movie buff isn’t?), theirs a whole list of classifieds for the movie nerd that wants it all, from movie memorabilia to theater decor to vintage popcorn makers.

So whether you’re interested in souping up your living room to look like a every film aficionado’s fantasy, or you’ve finally decided to live the dream and open your own indie reel house, check out bigscreenbiz.com for a few hours of interesting clicks.

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