E3 2009: Activision Sues to Keep Jack Black Video Game Off Shelves

E3 2009: Activision Sues to Keep Jack Black Video Game Off Shelves

brutal_legendIt wouldn’t be America without lawsuits so here’s another one to bring you today. According to The Hollywood Reporter, video game giant Activision is suing to stop the release of the Jack Black video game Brutal Legend.

THR got the news from The AP, which says: “Activision Entertainment Holdings sued game developer Double Fine Productions in Santa Monica, Calif., on Wednesday. The lawsuit claims that Double Fine transferred rights owned by Activision to Electronic Arts, which plans to release the game later this year. Activision claims it still has a valid contract to release the game and has invested roughly $15 million in it.”

Brutal Legend features Black as a heavy-metal roadie transported to a mythical world to fight evil. The game looks pretty cool and seeing footage of it at E3 made me want to check it out more when it finally gets released. Although, with this lawsuit, that may never happen now so perhaps I should have played it a bit more when I had the chance. Can’t we all just get along? I guess not when there’s $15 Million involved.

To see more about the game, watch the trailer from E3 after the jump. Enjoy it because if this lawsuit goes very far, It may be all you ever get to see.

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