E3 2009: Microsoft's 'Project Natal' First Look Video

E3 2009: Microsoft’s ‘Project Natal’ First Look Video

Sure, E3 ended yesterday, but there’s still a few things left to show from the show. One of those, as we told you about previously in our Microsoft announcements article, was the announcement of “Project Natal”, a new controller-less technology developed by Microsoft.

What it does is allow you to play games and control the XBox 360 without the use of a controller, a mouse, a keyboard or any kind of physical interface. You just use your hands and body.

This may sound like science fiction but after seeing the demo of the technology at E3, it looks much more like a reality. Still not convinced? I don’t blame you, I was skeptical at first too, but seeing it in action made the difference. Check out this demo video below and see for yourself.