New Trailer and Videos for 'Stargate Universe' Now Online

New Trailer and Videos for ‘Stargate Universe’ Now Online

phillips-stargate-universeOver at Sci-Fi Channel’s official Stargate Universe site they’ve posted some new video footage incouding a couple “sneak peeks” and a trailer for your enjoyment. This series picks up the Stargate mantle where the previous three series left off and features a pretty decent cast including Lou Diamond Phillips, Ming-Na and Robert Carlyle.

The story, although still Stargate in many respects, is also a bit different this time around. It concerns the purpose of the so-called ‘Ninth Cheveron” and the team assigned to investigate it. This investigation leads them to a mysterious and ancient ship called “Destiny” and once there, they become trapped aboard as the ship races on its programmed mission. The team, unable to change the ship’s programming or course, are along for the ride — wherever it takes them.

During the trip they encounter new races, new technologies, new enemies and maybe even a few friends as the ship takes them on a journey to the end of the Universe. I don’t know about you but that actually sounds pretty interesting to me. Plus, Robert Carlyle is good in pretty much anything he does so his inclusion in this series makes it even more likley I’ll check it out when it hits the air this Fall.