The Flickcast - Episode 11: Beyond Cyberspace

The Flickcast – Episode 11: Beyond Cyberspace

iphone-3g-sLast time on The Flickcast, your favorite trio discussed all kinds of interesting topics including the Twilight phenomenon, the MTV Movie Awards, the Megan Fox as Wonder Woman “controversy”, who we think should star in a Wonder Woman movie and that Matt, for some reason, doesn’t seem to like Jessica Biel or Hallle Berry.

This week the team discusses and debates a slew of new topics including Monday’s Apple announcements from the World Wide Developer Conference including cool, new iPhones and an update to OS X, what was cool and worth a look from the recent E3 gaming convention, the success and greatness that is The Hangover, Kirsten Dunst joining Spider-Man 4, the merits of movies in 3D and a whole lot more.

Chris, Matt and Christina also made some picks this week including one of Christina’s favorite reality shows Bridezillas, Matt’s pick of one of his favorite reality shows, Star-Ving featuring David Faustino of Married with Children, and Chris’ pick of Rob Zombie’s reboot of Halloween — which, believe it or not, he really liked.

Its a big episode, but one you won’t want to miss.

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