Apple and AT&T Help You Get An iPhone 3G S on Launch Day

iphone-3g-s1According to our pals over at TUAW, AT&T and Apple are trying desperately to avoid the problems they’ve had during the last two iPhone launches. From long lines to insufficient stock to activation issues, getting an iPhone on the previous two launch days was a bit of a pain for many potential users. So, this time around, how are AT&T and Apple trying to help everyone out and hopefully prevent, or at least minimize, these problems?

Well, according to TUAW, they’ve got a plan. To help, AT&T and Apple stores will open early on June 19th. Specifically, many Apple stores will open at 8AM and AT&T company-owned stores will open at 7AM. Not only that, both AT&T and Apple are offering the opportunity to pre-order the device so you don’t have to wait in line and instead, have your shiny new iPhone 3G S shipped to you.

For more on what to expect from AT&T on iPhone 3G S launch day, check out Seth’s video after the jump.

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