A Little More of BSG's 'The Plan'

A Little More of BSG’s ‘The Plan’

six-and-cylonsWhile we sincerely appreciate our pals at Galactica Sitrep for taking the time to patiently wait with their video camera pointed at the tv screen to catch another clip of The Plan, the upcoming tv movie telling BSG’s story from the Cylon side, we’re glad Sci-Fi has seen fit to release the clip so we can all watch it in better quality. Still, we love your dedication guys, don’t ever change.

This new clip showcases the acting of Dean Stockwell as Cavil as he talks to Ellen Tigh during the time when Cylons were attacking the fleet every “33 minutes” in the original series season one episode. Its a good clip and makes me want to see the entire movie even more. Its a shame we have to wait until November.

How about it Sci-Fi, want to send over a screener copy like right frakkin now? Be your best friend.

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan airs on Sci-Fi Channel in November. Check out the clip after the break.