Al Roker Doesn't Like Heidi and Spencer Either

Al Roker Doesn’t Like Heidi and Spencer Either

We don’t usually post videos like this here at The Flickcast. We tend to stay away from most celebrity, and pseudo-celebrity, gossip and things like it. However, when a video clip is this funny and makes people that we personally feel are tremendous lame-asses who don’t deserve what fame they have look this bad, we feel compelled to bring it to you.

What the heck am I talking about? Well, Heidi and Spencer Pratt were on the Today Show this morning and were interviewed by Al Roker. Watch the video and see just how bad they really are. Also, pay particular attention to Roker who can barely contain his disgust for these two “celebutantes” who, if there’s a God in heaven, have already far exceeded their allotted fifteen minutes and will now kindly go the hell away.

And in a related story, after the interview, Heidi claimed Roker made her cry and also warns women to “stay away from him.” Guess she doesn’t like it when things don’t go her way. Big surprise.