Two New 'Halloween 2' TV Spots Hit the 'Net

Two New ‘Halloween 2’ TV Spots Hit the ‘Net

halloween-2-new-teaserLast week on The Flickcast, our own Chris Ullrich chose Rob Zombie’s Halloween reboot as his pick of the week. He was impressed with the film and found it to be much better than he expected. Obviously, he’s a fan.

Well, he’s in luck then, as are the rest of you who are fans of Rob Zombie and Halloween, because Zombie is hard at work on a sequel, currently entitled Halloween 2. And now, courtesy of the folks over at Club Scout and a rather shaky person with a camcorder aimed at their tv screen, we’ve got two new video clips of Halloween 2 tv spots to share with you.

These two video clips show Zombie’s vision at work bringing new dimensions to the horror that is Michael Myers. Expect more of the same: Michael Myers chasing people, killing people, people trying to kill him and various other scenes of that nature. Plus, Myers appears to roll over a car by himself and sent it down an embankment. Great stuff.

Sadly, because of how they were taken, the videos are not of great quality. But still, I’m sure you get the idea. Halloween 2 hits theaters August 28th.

Check out the videos after the Jump.