Mastodon Weblink Wednesday: TV Shows on DVD

Weblink Wednesday: TV Shows on DVD

Remember shows like Wanted: Dead or Alive and Monster Squad? Of course you do, why else would you be here? Well, if you’re tired of living in nostalgia when it comes to your favorite shows, you can now rest easy. Meet, the first and most complete website dedicated to all of your favorite shows and when you can finally pick them up for your DVD collectio

Not only is the site the most complete guide to every show on DVD today and the near future, but it also gives you a chance to have your voice heard on your favorite show NOT yet on DVD. Now you can help move the process along to get 1989’s The Animated Adventures of the Karate Kid on DVD for you and future generations to enjoy.

You can find out the best deals on the site as well, with full updates on price drops from Still not enough for you? Well there is plenty to keep even the biggest skeptic entertained such as the latest in DVD reviews and news of upcoming releases. Be sure to check out (also on Twitter @tvshowsondvd), and stop waiting around for your bootleg Canadian release of Salute Your Shorts to arrive in the mail.

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