Olivia Munn Cast in 'Iron Man 2'

Olivia Munn Cast in ‘Iron Man 2’

olivia_munnAside from some potentially disturbing images, news has been pretty quiet about casting for Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2. But recently, G4’s Olivia Munn, host of Attack of the Show, tweeted on Twitter that she’s working on two new film projects, one being the Tina Fey/Steve Carell project Date Night, and one that she couldn’t “legally” discuss.

It turns out that the film in question is Iron Man 2 and the general assumption is that she will have more of a cameo, showing up in a scene or two. Munn did, however, say on Twitter that she will “definitely” have a bigger part than her one-minute scene in Rob Schneider’s direct-to-DVD film Big Stan.

Aside from Stan, Munn can soon be seen in Broken Lizard’s Slammin’ Salmon, and of course every day on G4’s Attack of the Show, where they just announced Munn’s (clothed) appearance in the August/July issue of Playboy.

Check out the video of her Playboy shoot after the jump.