Apple Releases iPhone 3G S

We’ve brought you news of Apple’s brand new iPhone 3G S before, but that was just a preview. Having the real thing in hand to use and inspect will be so much better. But don’t worry, because that day has finally arrived. That’s right, today’s the day to go out and get your brand new iPhone 3G S. That is, if you can actually find one.


Some of The Flickcast team (and in particular Chris) are anxiously awaiting the delivery of their precious new toys professional productivity tools and will report back when they’ve got them in hand. Meantime, our friends over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog have all the scoop on where to get your iPhone 3G S, the lines, the chaos and all the fun. That is, if there are any lines at all — which CNN, for one, doesn’t expect.

If you don’t get an iPhone 3G S today because they sell out and you didn’t pre-order one in advance from Apple or AT&T, try not to get too upset. You can bet that Apple and AT&T want to put these devices into the hands of anyone who wants one. So, that means they will always make more and will keep shipping them out until every man woman and child has one. We know its tough but you’ll just have to be patient.

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