iPhone 3G S First Impressions

iPhone 3G S First Impressions

iphon3gsWell, the new iPhone 3G S just arrived at The Flickcast offices and we’re eagerly putting it through its paces. So far, we’ve had a chance to test a few things out and here’s what we think after playing around with it for a few minutes:

* The interface is definitely more responsive. Applications launch faster and close faster. Email, Text, Camera, all pop up and are able to be used faster. In short, the iPhone 3G S is, so far, living up to its “S for Speed” moniker.

* The iPhone 3G S is a bit lighter. In our side by side comparison the new iPhone 3G S feels a bit lighter and also looks a tiny bit narrower than the previous gen 3G iPhone.

* We love the new camera and video capabilities. In fact, here’s a short video that Chris shot of one of our favorite Apple sites TUAW. It looks pretty darn good, even after being encoded again by the host.

Check it out after the break.