Shatner Hits the 'Tonight Show'

Shatner Hits the ‘Tonight Show’

william-shatnerWe love William Shatner here at The Flickcast. For some of us, he was our first exposure to Star Trek and helped us discover a love for Sci-Fi that endures to this day. He will always be the first Captain of the Enterprise to us. Of course, he’s gone on to play many other roles from a cop in T.J. Hooker to his multi-Emmy winning role as Denny Crane in Boston Legal. He’s also an accomplished author and talk show host.

Over the years he’s entertained us and showed us what a versatile guy he really is. And in spite of his occasionally stylized acting, he’s always managed to make us interested and keep us watching no matter what he does. Most recently, Shatner made an appearance on The Tonight Show to help celebrate Conan O’Brian taking over from Jay Leno. And of course, we have video.

I’ll say this about William Shatner: he’s never boring — even when he’s talking about camping. Check out the video after the break.