Gary Busey Laughs It Up for 'Saints Row 2'

Gary Busey Laughs It Up for ‘Saints Row 2’

gary-busey-attacksIn the world of “celebrities” Gary Busy, who used to have a very respectable acting career and still has an Oscar nomination, is now known more for his somewhat eccentric behavior rather than his acting. Still, sometimes that behavior is a plus — especially when he’s plugging a video game which also contains a bit of eccentric behavior. Case in point, this video of Busey doing a promo for THQ’s Saints Row 2 free DLC ‘Unkut Pack.”

In the video, Busey pretty much sticks to what he does best these days and laughs maniacally over and over to help you realize the importance of laughter and the level of fun and excitement you’re going to get from this game once you’ve downloaded the new pack of enhancements and options to clothing, jewelry, tattoos, etc.

But really, my description of what he’s doing can’t do it justice. You just need to watch it for yourself and revel a bit in the crazy. Check out the video after the jump.

Saints Row 2 is available wherever video games are sold. The DLC “Unkut Pack” is available as a free download on Xbox Live and PS3.