Mr. Eko Wants to Go Back to the Island

AdewaleAccording to a recent TV Guide interview, one of my favorite characters from Lost who, sadly, got eaten by the smoke monster, would like to return to the show. Like most fans of Lost, I was pretty disappointed when Mr. Eko, played by the awesome Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (previously seen on Oz),  seemed to die in season three. Eko was a very interesting character who helped Locke discover new ways of looking at things. Plus, he was just cool.

Adewale, who will guest star in the Aug 7 episode of Monk and appears in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, now says, according to the interview, that he wants to go back to the island. The actor says he left the show after his parents died in 2006, but he’d like to return to give his character some closure.

“To be able to give that rich character some completion would be nice,” he told TV Guide.

Agreed. It would be great to see him return to Lost. The show is still going well and I’m enjoying it very much, but his character, of all the ones who’ve died so far, is the one I miss the most. If there’s a choice between bringing him, or one of the other characters like Charlie or Boone back, I hope Lost‘s producers decide on Eko. Let the rest stay dead. They weren’t that interesting anyway.

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