iPhone 3GS Launch Causes YouTube Usage to Explode

iphon3gsliv06191According to a report over at YouTube, uploads to the video-sharing site have jumped 1700% in the last six months. After last Friday’s launch of the new video capable iPhone 3GS, that growth sped up even further — to 400% growth per day. Of course, with this latest jump in network activity, you have to wonder how AT&T’s network is handling the load, given its relatively well-known issues.

According to DSL Reports, the AT&T network is doing just fine, thank you. “Upload has been a strength of our network for a while now with HSUPA,” said AT&T spokesman Seth Bloom in the article. HSUPA boosted the upstream capability of the company’s wireless network to between 500kbps and 800kbps, and the upgrades were all-but completed by Spring of 2008.

Bloom continued: “Things like adding 2100 cell sites around the country, adding improved backhaul to thousands of other sites, upgrading to HSPA 7.2 (7.2Mbps downstream) beginning later this year and concluding in 2011, and rolling out 850 (Mhz) to improve overall and in-building coverage”

So, there you have it. More users, more bandwidth being used and no problems. Sure. So why has MMS been delayed until “Summer”?

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