New 'Mac Bundle' Software Titles Now Available

New ‘Mac Bundle’ Software Titles Now Available

macbooks_pro-2009-06-06_atOf the writers who work here at The Flickcast, we mostly use Macs to get our work done. The hardware just seems to be conducive to creativity and doesn’t get in the way of what you want to accomplish. Of course, what’s great hardware without great software? Fortunately, there’s a lot of software available for the Mac right now, with more coming out all the time.

Speaking of software, the folks at Kagi are at it again and offering a brand new bunch of useful Mac software, called the Mac Bundles, for your use and enjoyment. Want to know more? Here’s some of the info from the official Kagi press release:

Last month Kagi was pleased to announce the debut of a unique bundle of Mac software. This month a new complement of Mac software titles premieres at TheMacBundles and on Kagi’s own home page with savings of 80% off retail. Often smaller software developers have little opportunity to get widespread exposure to for their software without giving up a significant portion of their revenue. With the launch of TheMacBundles, developers have market presence and a fair share of the profits.

The first bundle contained 9 top-rated titles but the second bundle includes 11 great titles and at $49.95 (USD) costs no more than the first bundle (this represents a savings of over 80%). Additionally, users that purchase 2 or more copies of the bundle receive a $5 discount off of all the copies purchased resulting in a cost of only $44.95 (USD) per copy.

The bundle will be available for 21 days, but after 14 days the 2 bonus titles will not be available. Purchasers of the bundle always get a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

The 11 programs included in this bundle are:
* Caboodle – a lean, clean, snippet machine
* Dock Gone – keeps the Mac OS X Dock out of the way until users want to see it
* IPNetMonitorX – quickly diagnoses users’ Internet service issues and optimizes users’ connections
* MailTags – takes Apple’s Mail to the next level by adding tags, notes, keywords, much more
* PrintMagic – expands the printing capabilities of OS X, mines data, more
* ShutterBug – makes it easy to build both personal and professional websites
* Smart Trash – selectively deletes the contents of the trash (even by specific volume), more
* Trampoline – keeps users’ important apps and files as close as the cursor
* Typinator – inserts frequently used text and graphics and auto-corrects typing errors
* Voila – complete screen capture solution (annotate, organize, share images), much more
* World Clock Deluxe – displays multiple digital or analog clocks in many ways, more