Zack Snyder Gives 'Watchmen' Director's Cut Details

Zack Snyder Gives ‘Watchmen’ Director’s Cut Details

watchmen-final-posterPreviously, we told you that director Zack Snyder’s “Director’s Cut” of Watchmen was getting a limited theatrical release. Plus, the film will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 21st. But until now, we were not sure exactly what the new version contains in terms of additional footage and what Snyder really intended for the film. But now, thanks to our friends at MTV Splashpage, we know much more about the release, directly from Snyder himself.

According to the site, Snyder says: “There’s a couple Rorschach scenes; it’s a little bit more violent overall. It’s a little gorier, a teeny bit gorier; like, when Veidt’s being assassinated, the secretary puts her hand out and she gets shot in the hand – and her fingers fly off.”

As for other changes and enhancements in Snyder’s 25-minute-longer cut of the film, according to the site, the director said: “After Hollis dies, we cut to Dan and Rorschach and they go to Happy Harry’s to get some info on who’s trying to assassinate Veidt…at the end of that scene, in the theatrical version, it cuts [after they get some information].

In the longer version, Dan notices on the TV that there’s a report that Hollis has been murdered. He sees that, and then he sees a Knot Top in the bar, and he attacks him and beats the sh-t out of him, just like in the graphic novel. Then Rorschach pulls him off and says ‘not in front of the civilians!’”

“[Dan Dreiberg] is getting emotional, he’s knocking the guy’s teeth out of his mouth; it’s pretty gory,” Snyder promised of the scene that had to be cut from the theatrical release for length. “It’s the kind of thing where you get to see Dan lose it — which helps set up the end of the movie a little bit. Everybody gets a little bit extra character from all that stuff,” Snyder said of the new cut in the article.

Wow, that’s a lot of new, gritty stuff. Even with some of the changes from graphic novel to screen, I was a fan of Watchmen when it came out and can’t wait to see what this new version looks like. Of course, in some cases, scenes from a film were cut for good reasons and when restored, do nothing to really enhance the film. However, in the case of Watchmen, I have a feeling this new material will only serve to make the film even better and more enjoyable.