Weblink Wednesday: Flickchart.com

Weblink Wednesday: Flickchart.com

Picture 1In the new wacky world of social networking, there is just about something for everybody out there, whether you are a fan of music, sports, or poking your BFF. With all these nuances, where is the safe haven for movie geeks? Where can fans and fanatics alike obsess together and talk about how great their favorite Godfather or Star Wars film is. Well, look no further, as the Flickchart has you covered.

Flickchart was created, developed, designed, and is enjoyed by two guys, Jeremy and Nathan, and is a ranking system that allows you to choose your favorite film out of everything out there. From there, you can rank your favorite film in a list, meet new people that share your movie likes and dislikes, and check in on where some classics rank in the rest of the world.

With other ranking systems such as Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes, or IMdB it can become nebulous. How can Raiders of the Lost Ark be a better film than Superbad if you love them both equally? Flickchart allows you to pick a favorite film whether it’s based on your favorite director, star, or if the film is actually a better movie. The rules are made up by you completely. So that you aren’t comparing apples to oranges, there is a way for you to filter by decade, genre, year, and the top films in the list already.

From there, you can invite friends and build up your network of people that think Liar Liar is the greatest movie ever. Not only does this allow you to voice your opinion, but that opinion is then heard! The rankings are totaled globally and added to a giant list, so you could help in making a film like Bio Dome the greatest movie of all time, theoretically.

The site is currently in the beta with thousands of users already in the network. You can request access to the beta over here and start ranking movies as soon as you get a response. Until then, you can check out the Flickchart blog for all things about the site. Flickchart is a great way to spend time if you are a fan of all things film, and love lists!