Edward James Olmos Talks 'The Plan', 'BSG', Comic-Con and More

Edward James Olmos Talks ‘The Plan’, ‘BSG’, Comic-Con and More

A few weeks ago we showed you Grace Park discussing the upcoming BSG TV movie The Plan. Then, a bit more about The Plan was revealed when we went to a special panel discussion in Hollywood with some of the cast and producers of Battlestar Galactica. Now, thanks to Collider, we’ve got more video to share with you about The Plan and some other stuff as well.

This time around its an interview with Battlestar Galactica alumni and The Plan director Edward James Olmos. He was interviewed at the recent Saturn Awards, which took place last week in Hollywod. Among the things Olmos reveals in the interview are that The Plan will make fans want to go back and watch the entire BSG series again with a new awareness of what was going on with the Cylons, that the final script for BSG was “one of the finest scripts he’s ever read” and that he will be at Comic-Con this year in appreciation for all the fans who supported BSG.

The video doesn’t exactly dig deep or provide much in the way of new information. Still, its fun to see Olmos and hear him talk about The Plan and his work on BSG. He’s a talented, introspective and obviously grateful man who’s made a lasting impression on the history of television. Unfortunately, watching him talk about BSG just makes me miss the show that much more.

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan airs later this year on Sci-Fi Channel. Check out the video after the jump.